Enrico Mantegazza’s greetings


I know A.la.t.Ha since its inception.

I must say that from the beginning, this non-profit social has always been known for his courage and dynamism with which deals specifically with social integration problems of people with disabilities.

At first with its network of buses equipped to transport disabled people, which allowed the daily realization of much educational and working integration, as well as many transports for rehabilitation therapy and maintenance

Meanwhile the same has integrated in its working organic people with disabilities.
Later it has expanded its activities, always with careful precision, opening up a community housing for people with disabilities. Meeting in this way the need of adults, who were seeking their own appropriate housing placement, outside their own family, which could not longer handle properly in its inside, the presence of a person with many handicaps.
Finally, more recently, it opened its own structure, where take place many physical rehabilitation activities.
I wish all A.la.t.ha. members to carry on even in these times of extreme socio-economic difficulties in their path of indispensable support, towards the integration of people with disabilities with handicap of obvious importance.
Your “presence”, your social” liveliness”, is still one of the few things that allow us to think with hopes to a more civilized society suited to every person part of it.
So go on, girls and guys, thanks to all of you and especially your President Donato Troiano whom I greet with affection.

Enrico Mantegazza      
Community Manager Don Gnocchi – Via Zurich, Milan
Former President IPAB