A.l.a.t.ha commitment for a better world and equal opportunities remains constant and strengthened over the years. It takes daily with the transportation of hundreds of disabled and elderly people. The home care service, and the rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre is addressed to all, as well as support of volunteering, but especially our community housing, which has made possible for a decade the independent living of people with disabilities by assisting them all day long, allowed A.la.t.ha. to grow and think about the birth of new projects.

Here’s what we soon realise:

  • A second Community housing in A.la.t.ha. (Where we have suitable spaces for the implementation) that will give continuity to the project of via Amoretti, this community project is ambitious and detailed, but lacks of the funds to make it happen.
  • The opening of new offices in Lombardia with those of Milan and province, Monza Brianza, Varese and Bergamo.



The project of new community housing that will be built in via Savona 37