The home care Service is a service addressed to the person, carried out by a team of suitably qualified trained professionals, who assist and intervene at home lonely people or families who are in need.

We turn then to the elderly, disabled, children and to all those in need of assistance or accompaniment with the purpose of:

  • Prevent the institutionalisation and be assisted within the home.
  • Reduce hospitalization times.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Retrieve/encourage the maintenance of personal and social relationships.

What do we offer?

Our guaranteed services include:

  • Individual needs: personal hygiene, help in consuming meals or assisting in movement.
  • Environmental needs: cleaning, reorganization and management of the home.
  • Managing of extra domestic activities: post office, bank, grocery shopping, and doctor visits etc. accompaniment.
  • Stimulus in the recovery, maintenance and development of personal autonomy and socio-relational life.

The service may be desultory (at hours) or on-going basis, depending on your needs.

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