In Alatha work is the same for all! has always included in its staff workers with disabilities.

Today we have seven workers belonging to protected categories, they are part of our cooperative and deal with all different projects: the fund-raiser, transport, reception, administration etc. etc.
Convinced that work is a right, undertakes to give equal opportunities to everybody, welcoming in its staff even people with disabilities allowing them to express their potential.
Let’s some of ours speak …

kubromI am Kubrom, I am African, more specifically from Ethiopia, I am 34 years old and I am in Italy since 1984, I moved immediately to the hospital Fatebenefratelli and the month after my arrival in an institutional care for disabled people, and not in Como, where I attended until 1989 primary schools and then I moved to the Don Gnocchi Institute where I carry on studying.
In 2000 I went to live in a new community that is a separate branch of the Don Gnocchi.
The Don Gnocchi helped me to find work in, and since 2000 this is my job.
I feel good even if at the beginning I had a moment of disorientation as I had to figure out the working setting.

Donato (the founder) bought me a computer with a large keyboard to help me working in a good way despite my poor eyesight.

My first assignment was at reception, Filomena taught me how to do it, now I am independent and together with Celeste and Frederica I manage all calls and contacts, I take notes and then give them to colleagues.
I work so much during the week, I wake up very early because I catch the bus to7 and to 7.40 I am already in office. I also Alatha transport too, so in the morning and evening to come back home I travel with my colleagues!

Saturdays and Sundays are different days I relax and I go in the pool and I dedicate the activities I like: the playstation, outdoor walks, and parish activities where meeting my friends.

I thank the president and my colleagues, who are helping me to feel good and wor well.

marcoMarco Dattolico

I am 43 years old and have been working in for many years as fund raising, before working here I was the driver for a private company.

In I feel good, especially with Donato, with whom I always discussbecause of football!



rossiAlessandro Rossi

72 years without feeling them! I’ve been working for 6 years in to collect contributions from people who want to help us.

Unfortunately, 41 years ago, due to an accident I was semi-paralyzed, but this did not prevent me from working, in I found an open door!



Francesca Domenichini

I have been working here since the opening, since 1995 I work in call centre and fundraising. Now this is my family, with Donato we can understand very well and he’s got the utmost understanding if for health reasons, I can’t be in the office at certain times of the year.

matteo-aI am Matteo Ambrosini, I came to in 2003 with an stage that then became a job, we were before in Via Angelo Maj near Porta Romana, but there the first time there was not “the ideal city” but another newspaper much smaller and narrow, “Cittability” .
Then we came here, in Via Savona, the office is better, it’s bigger and new.

My experience is very important and positive, I like working in for me here is a unique family and I’m fine with everyone. My colleagues are nice and kind and nobody teased me. I would like to stay here many years. I want to remember my former

colleagues in a positive way because I had found very well with them, but someone made me suffer because I was friend with them and then they went away. But with my actual colleagues is the same thing.

Now I tell you my working experience … I write and copy newspaper articles on the computer and tidy the cards and documents by Annalisa in the administration, I archive invoices and at 12.00, when the morning is almost over, I must collect seals to give to Sara, I go to the post and I’m glad to do these things, I would like to do even more and I want some tools to do it so the company may move forward and I may carry on working for Alatha