It’s officially active the new legal aid Desk, with first free advice, which aims to provide all users of our Cooperative a valid legal address tool, on many issues that may affect all families, such as:

  • People and family (supporting prohibition and administration, protection of the elderly and the sick, separation and divorce, alimony and maintenance, adoption, guardianship of the child)
  • Inheritances and Successions (hereditary issues)
  • House (sale/purchase agreements, leases, evictions)
  • Condo (condo issues, assemblies
  • Civil liability (damage compensation from road accidents, injuries, medical liability, consumer protection, worker protection).

Legal agency, looked after by lawyers Laura Mandirola and Davide Morandini turns on a booking appointment at our office at O2 422571 or  briefly exposing the case at the email adress ad you will be contacted as soon as possible.