cameracomThe community housing in via Amoretti was established in 2003 in response to the need to offer residential space for people with physical disabilities but with absolutely normal intellectual performance.
It is a residential space aimed at people of both sexes, age, physical -severe or serious- motor disabilities, who for many reasons need to be independent of the family of origin or from the classical community, to embark on a path towards independent living.

Our community is not defined in the classical sense of the term, but it offers a structured and organized environment based on natural model of life, which is very close to the family environment.

The day is not therefore organized on pre-set rhythms and rites, but adapts to the needs of every single guest who, outside of the residential space, has his own life made of work commitments, personal interests, friends and family networks.

The community then responds mostly to a single host needs to create an independent life.

By talking about “independent living”, we must not fall into the easy mistake of confusing it with the “autonomous living”.

cucinaQuest’ultima prevede la capacità di adempiere in modo autonomo alle singole istanze di una qualsiasi giornata, cosa che per le limitazioni fisiche dei nostri ospiti non è possibile.

The latter provides the ability to autonomously perform the individual instances of any day, which for the physical limitations of our guests is not possible.

Autonomous living is the ability to determine the own choices according to the needs, depending on some other people’s assistance, but adjusting it on the own rhythms and not on those given by others’ needs.
From this point of view the community in via Amoretti offers, with the basic service, the possibility for each guest to create his own individual life project, modelled on the basis of working and non-working commitments and personal interests.

com-2To achieve these objectives all staff working within the community offers itself as a facilitator, adapting the rhythms of home to the different needs.

The structure offers a residential area to five guests with disabilities levels, and therefore different autonomy, extremely diversified.

Coexistence leads sometimes necessarily through the sharing of overlapping spaces and times and the goal of remains the constant search for different styles and intervention approaches taking into account the diversity.