From former German school to haven for immigrants ... the current office of in via Savona 37 became the embryo for social projects only in 2004 after years of workings and restorations.
facciata_ALATHA story is also made of transfers, removals and wanderings from one office to another.

VS1In 1995 when we began, we were in two rooms on the ring road and only a few years later we moved to a broader environment in the area of Porta Vittoria.
The needs of the co-operative grew hand in hand with the growth of applications for services to people with disabilities. Our transport service was expanding by virtue of its fundamental function of freedom of movement for all.

At that time, it was the 2001, the city of Milan had issued an invitation for the assignment of the building of via Savona for social use and the cooperative did the competition winning the race and acquiring the liberty palace from the early ‘ 900 of 1400 sqm. The building was in ruins: the abandonment, which lasted years, had turned it into a sort of dump and there was a great effort, and not just economic, to restructure it.

VS2Thanks to the generosity of so many people who believed in us, the building has been restored with an economic expenditure of more than EUR 1,000,000. The Centre, a dream always there in organizational and design DNA of our cooperative and chased by years, today is finally realized. A dream, that of rooted in the belief that collective and personal well-being is essential to a complete realization of individual freedom, which is a foundation for humanity.
A dream that would soon become a reality close to people and for the people: a reality able to read the needs of today’s society and to create appropriate answers aimed at the common good.

Thank you all.