furgone-1Every day A.l.a.t.ha. drivers leave the parking places in via Savona to go to the homes of our customers, people with disabilities or older requiring a custom transport service to be accompanied where they want: to day-care for the elderly and rehabilitation, to work, to college, to sports centres, to an evening engagement or even on vacation.
A work that, due to its importance does not stop even on Sundays, holidays or during the month of August; a personalized and usable service addressed to all those who contact us.

pedana-2Our buses are equipped with:

  • Electric rear footboard.
  • Side running board with handle for an easy lifting.
  • Ergonomic seating with seatbelts.
  • Non-slip floor with guides to block wheelchairs.
  • Air-conditioning and radio.

Our services:

  • Unique transport service return trip to home.
  • Custom transport according to requirements of time and location.
  • Electric wheelchair service
  • Possibility of expenses reimbursement at the transport Office of the municipality of Milan.
  • Free transport of drugs at home.
  • Group tours for disabled and elderly people.


Immagini-ALATHA-2012-138Our service is available to all … Call us, we’ll listen and together we choose the best suited solution for your needs.

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