A.la.t.Ha. Cooperative is a non-profit organization, for nearly twenty years, we aim to make life easier for the person with physical disability.

A.la.t.ha. born from the dream of a man who decided to transform himself from a entrepreneur to entrepreneur’s social … this man is Donato Troiano, founder of A.la.t.Ha.

The desire to Donato Troiano was born by chance, the day on which it came into contact with people with disabilities; it was born by chance and has never faded away, instead, with the Cooperative it became something bigger: a help to others and a path aimed at the integration and autonomy.

A.la.t.Ha.’s project is wide and varied, but is based on two main themes: Respect and normality. Normality must be guaranteed at all it is not possible to think to daily life in which the disabled person does not have the means and the tools to go to work, to University, the dentist or just pharmacy rather than at the theater. Respect aspects of everyday life that everyone should be able to deal with confidence. It is for these reasons that the Cooperative seeks to meet the needs of those who need it most. We’re just a phone call to get a chance to go where and when you want, with the certainty of a service always up, made by experts in the field can handle any request or situation.


Improve the social life of persons and seniors with disabilities by ensuring them their autonomy and integration through the total removal of all barriers.


An ideal city in which the right to life and the human value of people with disabilities and elderly people has to be respected in its essence.